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The Paradise Now
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The Paradise Now

At The Paradise Now, different worlds merge into a shared passion: indulgence. People who understand and appreciate the essence of an unforgettable evening come together here. The formula for legendary nights at Paradise? Good, international music, a well-thought-out interior, drinks of the highest standard and a carefully curated audience.

The heart of the Paradise Club is undoubtedly its audience. Nightlife enthusiasts, creative minds, discerning connoisseurs and fans of high-quality music find a place here where their passions come together to create a unique atmosphere. The guests at Paradise Club are not a random gathering of people; they share a common appreciation for the finer things in life.

The international music at the club creates a sonic backdrop that brings together people from different cultures and backgrounds. The carefully curated selection of acts, DJs and live performances ensures that guests hear and feel what it means to be part of a musical community.

Thoughtful interior 

The club’s thoughtful interior adds to the magic. Stylish seating, artful lighting and small separees create an environment that is both elegant and inviting. Here, the aesthetic experience merges with the energy of the dance floor, and guests feel transported to a world of luxury and sophistication from the very beginning.

The drinks at Paradise Club are not just drinks, but artfully created masterpieces. Experienced bartenders transform high-quality ingredients into cocktails that quench the thirst and appeal to the senses. The bar is a meeting place where guests can exchange ideas, make new contacts and enjoy the night to the fullest.

Guests at Paradise

Unforgettable evenings are created in the midst of this exquisite atmosphere. The guests at Paradise are more than just attendees; they are part of a lively community that is characterized by its love of enjoyment and quality. Here, it’s not just about what’s on the plate and in the glass, but about the shared experiences that turn nights at Paradise into legendary moments.

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