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The magic of the bar and the art of drinks

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In The Paradise Now, the bar is not just seen as a place to pass the time, but as a living source of magic that manifests itself in every perfectly prepared drink. The principle “A bar is a place to grow old” is redefined here because in this bar it is not age that grows, but the magic of enjoyment.

The bartenders

The bartenders at The Paradise Now are true artists in their field. They know how to create an atmosphere in which guests feel at ease and can pick up on their individual preferences. The drinks menu presents a varied selection of wines, champagnes and cocktails that are not only of high quality but, above all, have that certain something that makes a stay at Paradise Now unforgettable.

The wine

The wine list is a journey through the world’s best wine regions, from classic favorites to exclusive discoveries. The bartenders at Paradise have made a careful selection to ensure that there is something for every taste and preference. Here, wine is not just seen as a drink, but as an accompaniment that perfectly complements the culinary experience.

Champagne lovers will also find what they are looking for in the Paradise Bar. Here you will find an exquisite selection of the finest champagnes, inviting you to celebrate special moments and enjoy your stay at the Paradise in style.

The real highlight of the bar at The Paradise Now, however, is the handcrafted cocktails. Each drink is a work of art, prepared with precision and passion. The bartenders are more than just mixologists – they are storytellers who unfold a unique journey through taste and aroma through their creations. Whether at the bar itself or in the cozy bistro area, every sip is an adventure that inspires the senses.

We don’t grow old; we grow magic.

The atmosphere at the bar in The Paradise Now is lively, dynamic and full of energy. It’s not just the magic of the drinks that grows here, but also the magic of the community. The principle here is, “We don’t grow old; we grow magic.” Every visit to the bar at Paradise is a rejuvenating treatment for the senses, an experience that transports guests into a world of taste and elegance. The Paradise Bar is not just a place to drink; every sip is a moment of pure magic.

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