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The culinary journey in the à la carte restaurant

The Paradise Now
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The à la carte restaurant

At the heart of The Paradise Now is the à la carte restaurant, which is not only a place of indulgence but also an oasis for lovers of international cuisine. The gastronomic team takes guests on an exciting journey through the world of exquisite flavors and textures that Paradise has to offer.

The dishes in the à la carte restaurant are the result of a careful selection of high-quality ingredients that are artfully combined. They are presented in the form of sharing plates or as a menu, both of which focus on Paradise’s wide range of culinary delights. The idea behind the sharing principle is not only to indulge the palate, but also to create a shared experience where guests can exchange ideas about the different flavors.

The menu

The menu of the à la carte restaurant changes quarterly, which underlines the focus on fresh and seasonal ingredients. The team places great importance on moving with the seasons and always offering guests the best and tastiest products. This approach allows them to regularly update the menu and add new creative highlights.

But even those who have fallen in love with the flavors of certain classics need not worry. Popular dishes appear on the menu again and again in different adaptations and thus remain a familiar part of Paradise’s culinary repertoire.

The kitchen team in the à la carte restaurant is made up of highly qualified and passionate chefs who bring their creativity and attention to detail to every dish. The presentation of the dishes is just as appealing as the taste itself. The team strives for perfection, creating a culinary experience that exceeds guests’ expectations.

Another highlight of the à la carte restaurant is the wine selection. The team has created an extensive list, ranging from international favorites to exclusive drops. The wines are carefully selected to accompany the culinary creations perfectly and enhance the taste experience.

Overall, the à la carte restaurant at Paradise is not just a place to dine, but a culinary adventure that takes guests on a world tour of flavors. The fusion of quality, creativity, and passion makes this gastronomic experience an unforgettable highlight of Düsseldorf’s culinary scene. In Paradise’s à la carte restaurant, food is not only enjoyed but also celebrated.

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